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Friday, May 24, 2019 8:36:39 AM

Every once in a while we pin down one of our busy mannies to do a Q&A with them. We believe that aspiring male nannies and families who might be new to the idea might take an interest in finding out what fuels our most successful candidates whilst intergrating into a new family.

The Q&A below is with our amazing manny, Alpha, who we placed with a family in Hampstead 12 months ago. Alpha is also available for weekends and some school holiday hours if any parents might be interested!


Why did you want to take a career in male nannying and what lead you to this decision?

After working in all areas of childcare, I felt like I wanted to try the next step for me, which was to be a manny. I have to say, it was the best decision I made! It’s a wonderful experience, especially when you work for a family you really connect with!


Can you give the routine of your typical day?

The routine for the family I work for varies, I normally start either 3 or 4pm, Monday to Friday. I pick them up from school and take them to football training or cricket, others days I go straight to the house. When I’m at the house, I play a variety of games with the boys, which could be darts, cricket or football. I do that for an hour or so, then I make dinner. After they have dinner, I clean up everything, then they have screen time, which is either the laptop or playing computer games.
The youngest, who is 8, normally plays until his bed time which is 7.15pm on a weekday. The other two older children, who are 12 and 15 go to bed at 8.30pm.


Why do you feel that your particular employers or any family can benefit from having a male nanny?

It’s very refreshing for the kids, who are so used to having a female nanny in the past.
Mannies have a lot of energy and are always willing to do lots of fun things as well as being a good role model!


What key attributes and traits do you feel a successful male nanny needs to have?

You need to be energetic and knowledgeable on topics they learn at school in order to help with homework. Furthermore, you need to be fun, patient and kind with lots fun activities planned.


Are there any extra qualifications or courses you feel that would increase other mannies chances of finding manny work?

I would say a diploma or a degree, as well as lots of experience working with children.


Have you had to overcome any difficult situations/ face any challenges whilst working as a manny or other childcare related roles?

I would say the most difficult position I’ve ever encountered was when I was working in a school. A child was angry because he wasn’t allowed to go outside so he picked up a pair of scissors and tried to attack me with them.
I dealt with the situation very calmly, removing the scissors from him, and putting him in a restraining position, to calm him down and until more adults were present.


What advise would you give to other men wishing to pursue a career as a male nanny?

My advice would be, if you’re thinking of being a manny, go for it, it can be very exciting and you get to travel to great places with some families. It’s a very fun and entertaining job - not a bad way to make a living at all!


What sort of reaction do you get when you tell people you are a male nanny? 

The reaction I’ve had from people has been very positive. Everyone I have spoken to about it, thinks it very important that children can experience a manny as well as a nanny. A parent said to me “ Mannies are just as effective as nannies!” Which is good to hear and makes you feel appreciated, in a predominantly female field!


What do you really love about your job?

I love the fact that all the boys I care for are very sporty and love football. Football was a big passion for me growing up, so it’s good to play and share my experiences too. One of them is also playing for an academy!


If you could give any advice to future manny employers/families what would it be?

Advice I would give to families is, if you have an opportunity to employ a manny take it, you will not be disappointed! It is an amazing experience for the children and we are hard working and very valuable. A male nanny can also be good if there isn’t a father figure on the scene, they can be an important role model in these particular circumstances!


How did you find working with Manny Poppins?

I heard about Manny Poppins online, I really liked the site and people talking about their experiences as well the whole process.
When I spoke to them they were very helpful and professional and they found me an amazing family, which I am very grateful for!! (we promise we did not make him say this, but he did make us blush :))

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