Saturday, May 16, 2020 12:52:27 PM

HELLO! We will begin to list all new roles on our blog again to make this easier for existing and potential new male nannies who they might be of interest to.

It has been a difficult period of time for everyone living in lockdown with Covid 19 and whilst new roles might be slower to come in than usual, we will continue to do our utmost to help our male nannies get back to work & find some great future roles. Please contact Gemma via email for any applications or queries:

Please see our most recent available role below.

Job Type: LIVE IN, Permanent

Location: SURREY

Driver required: YES, automatic car provided

Children: 3 BOYS. Aged, 2,6 and 9 years.

Live in accommodation: Double bed in own room on the 3rd floor of the house. One of the boys may also have a room on that floor and you would have to share a bathroom with the children for now until they create a new bathroom. Parents on a different floor with their own private bathroom. Basic meals to be included (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which you would be required to make for yourself and the children.

Days and hours: Monday - Friday. 7am - 7pm. Weekends are off and you may choose to stay at the house for the weekend or leave for weekends if you prefer, parents are flexible over whatever the candidate prefers. May be occasional overtime required for special occasions on weekends booked in advance.

Holidays: Same hours required throughout school holidays. No travel required with family when they take their holidays.

Duties: Parents work 8 - 5:30 and commute to London from local train station (great links to London). Therefore they require someone for a full day. Mum would like the children to be cooked for and fed for when she returns so that she can then sit and spend quality time with them before bedtime. Family will be moving into the house at the start of July from London and they will have a lot to sort out, including a few house changes and so they are hoping for a candidate that can help them with this life transition and adapt while life may be a little topsy turvy at first. They have previously had live out female nannies, however they feel that the boys will benefit from having a male who may be more on their wavelength, helping to provide a fun and authoriative positive older brother figure. All duties will relate to children, including school runs, meals, toilet training, homework, dressing and also helping to tidy their rooms and clean up after and with them, sorting their clothes etc. Other housework not related to the children is not included as they will get a cleaner. The oldest child enjoys drama and creativity, loves bike rides too . The middle child loves sports; rugby, biking and cricket - there is a great local team at the new house and the toddler is active too.

Start date: Mid July. Mum will initially be working office 'covid hours' which are 8am-1pm and so will be around more until her normal hours continue.

Pay: Looking to pay £350 + net per week and contracted via nannytax

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