Going Bonkers for Conkers! 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013 12:58:28 PM

It's been a scorching summer and we've all caught a few rays, but now the time has come to indulge in the autumnal weather. There's no need to be glommy over the winter seasons approaching and it's definitely not cause to keep the children indoors. A few more layers, a flask of hot chocolate and out in the parks you go. 

Richard sent us a great photo that little Luke who he looks after took on his phone of a beautiful heart shaped pile of conkers in Kensington Gardens. It's given us some inspiration to revisit the childhood old fashioned game of Conkers! We've jotted down a few notes below on how to make your conkers to play with and how to play the game. Nevermind the playstation, lets get back to basics!

How To Design Your Conkers

To play conkers you will need to attach your conker to a piece of string or a shoe lace. Make a small hole all the way through your conker with a meat skewer or drill (obviously keep this well away and out of reach of children). The smaller the hole is, the stronger your conker will be as a bigger hole weakens conkers too much and makes them prone to being broken when hit. The string should be between 30cm and 50cm long.

The Aim Of Conker Fights

The general idea is that one of the conker players holds his conker still in the air by dangling it on the string. The other conker player then has to swing his conker overarm whilst still holding the end of the string so that the conker hits the opponent's conker. The aim is to smash your opponent's conker off the string.

Who Goes First In Conkers?

You usually toss a coin to see who decides to go first. The winner of the toss can choose to hit or receive first.

Winning Conkers

To win a game of conkers, you have to smash your opponent's conker completely off the string whilst keeping your conker on the string. A partial break does not count. Also, if you knock your opponent's conker off the string without breaking it, then they are allowed to put it back on the string.

We advise your children wear gloves, just incase a knuckle accidently gets hit.

Have fun folks!

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