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Outdoor Games

Red light, Green Light.

How to Play:

1. Choose one player to be Red Light. He should stand about 25 yards from the other players, with his back turned to them.

2. The other players should be lined up shoulder to shoulder behind him. Their goal is to try to get close enough to tap Red Light on the shoulder, but they can move only when he says, "Green Light."

3. To begin play, Red Light closes his eyes and yells, "Green Light!" Players then run at top speed toward him until he yells, "Red Light!" and turns around as fast as he can. The instant the other players hear "Red Light!" they must stop running. Anyone Red Light sees still moving when he turns around must return to the starting line.

4. This sequence is repeated until a player gets close enough to tap Red Light on the shoulder when his back is turned. This player wins and becomes the next Red Light.



This next game is tag with a difference!

Spider & Flies...

Choose one child to be the spider; the rest are flies.

Tell the children that they are going to play tag, and that the spider is going to try to catch the fly. Every fly that the spider catches becomes part of its web, holding hands with the spider and trying to catch the remaining flies (which can take some co-ordination and concentration!) Each fly that is caught holds on to the chain and helps catch more flies.

The last player to be caught becomes the new spider.


If the weather is really terrible and your stuck in doors...