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Location: Shepherds Bush

Children: Girl - 8, Boy - 7 and Boy - 6

Days and hours required: During term time: 

Monday – 4pm – 8pm

Tuesday 3 – 7pm

Wednesday 3 – 7pm

Thursday 4 – 7pm

During the holidays: Possibly longer hours, flexible to be arranged closer to the time

Driver not necessarily required, but they do have a car to use which they would insure you on.

Duties: School is a 20 minute walk or a short bus ride if raining. In the afternoons, school pick up is required, help with homework, all kids are really active and sporty and love to get stuck in with games and fun time in the park. Swimming, gymnastics, football etc are all loved by them. They also have a springer spaniel dog so they are looking for an animal lover who may be happy to walk him too when possible. Non smoker is very important and good English.

Start date: ASAP -  either temp or permanent for as long as candidate wants it or is available 

Pay: £15 per hour 

Role Type: Part time. TEMP OR PERM 
Location: London SW3 
Children: Boy - 9 (week day hours are only for him) and Boy - 11 (he's at boarding school and only home some weekends)
Days: Monday - Friday. Occasional Saturdays, to help with boys with football practice etc planned in advance when they are not with their father
Hours: Flexible. 3-4 hours every afternoon until 7:30/8pm. Between 18-24 hours per week.
Pick up times below:

Pick up time


M - 18:00 


T - 16:30


W - 15:30 

T - 18:00


F - 15:30 


Duties: School pick up, play, dinner, homework. They have a live in house keeper who does most of the cooking, but you may have to step in at times.
Family info: The boys both love football and tennis as well as video games. Youngest is dyslexic and currently attending Lindamood Bell centre program every morning until mid May. Both boys are strong willed and really sporty and fun.
Pay: £15 per hour cash
Start date: ASAP
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