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After School Manny/Tutor, Holland Park, 3 Children, Term Time Only 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:03:28 AM

Location: Holland Park, W11

Kids: Boy 10, Boy 13 and Girl 15

Days and Hours: Monday - Friday 3-7pm

Holidays: 10-12 full days required throughout summer holidays but no other help required during school holidays. No travel required with the family.

Driver: Yes, automatic Mercedes

Duties: Working parents, mum home by 5/6pm. The youngest child is in a prep school which is a different school to the older children who both go to the same school.
10 Year old loves golf, tennis and needs extra help with homework. He has just taken his 11+ exams. He gets bus home.
13 Year old loves judo and is very sporty. He is good at school. Hitting teenage years so usual hormonal changes.
15 Year old is a rower. She is a very independent young lady and intelligent.
No cooking required, but preparation of snacks will be needed. Usually all have about one activity a week to pick up from.
They need someone smart, presentable, no slang language used, no tattoos or piercings. Someone who can be part of a formal household which has other staff working there. Someone who can take on a tutor style manny role and can understand the type of subjects the children are learning. Specific extra help with English homework, the children have a science tutor. Someone who is organised and good logistically.
They have had a manny for 2 years who is now leaving them and so they wish to replace him.
They have a small dog.

Start date: End of Feb/start of March

Pay: £12-15 net per hour 

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New Role/Hyde Park Corner/2 Boys/ASAP 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 12:33:47 PM

Kids: Boy 6 and Boy 8

Driver: Preferable and automatic car provided if so

Location: Hyde Park Corner

Days and Hours:-
Every Week: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-7 pm
Alternate weeks: Fridays 3-7pm, Saturdays 8-6/7pm and Sundays 8-/6/7pm
School Holidays: Approximately 6-8 weeks of work through out the year resulting in half of the years holidays (they spend the other half with their father)
Travel worldwide is required during the holidays for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. Therefore 2 weeks at Easter. During the summer it would be 2 weeks away and two weeks off, followed by 2 weeks away and so on as necessary.

Duties: This is shared role with the mother who needs help. Single mum, divorced. You will be required to help look after one child at a time, apart from some occasions if the mother cannot be there then you would be expected to look after both.
School pick up and then clubs with one of the children on appropriate evenings, help with homework, help with dinner, play with kids and bedtime.
One child is particularly sporty and loves football and the other is more creative, loves carving things out of wood, building things...

Mum can offer extra hours if interested, if the manny is particularly organised to help with PA duties/is a good cook and wants to do all dinners/being in charge of cleaning boys rooms and clothes/packing etc.

She has had a female nanny for 8 years who is now leaving and the boys need an active manny who is more on their level.

Start date: Asap

Pay: Employed by mum, £12-£15 net per hour depending on candidate and hours

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Wednesday, January 09, 2019 2:28:38 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM MANNY POPPINS! Last year was a wonderful year, with some absolutely brilliant placements and we really could not be prouder of our male nannies who have all been a roaring success...

We're starting off the year by showcasing one of our supermannies Adam! Adam can be found in our online archive and if you wish to consider him for a full time role then please get in touch at hello@mannypoppins.com

Adam has that magical balance between being the perfect rock star, sporty, imaginative big buddy & an intelligent, hardworking, reliable manny.

Adam has worked with Manny Poppins for 3 years now and is more than just a candidate to us, we have watched his career in childcare develop and have seen first hand what a great male nanny he is. Adam is what we describe as our 'rockstar' manny, he plays guitar in a band & loves a leather jacket, runs marathons, develops his own delicious recipes for children with food intolerances and to top it off he is degree educated.

Adam's last role has come to an end due to a change in the family's circumstances and he is now looking for a new permanent full time role for 2019 onwards.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 4:49:17 PM

1. Role Type: Full time, Permanent (looking for long term commitment 2+ years)

Location: Queens Park, NW6

Children: Girl - 18 months old and Boy - 4 years old

Days: Monday - Friday OR Monday-Thursday with overnight stay Thursday and Friday off

Hours: 7:30/8am - 5:30/6pm

Holidays: Travel not required, unless planned, they spend some time at their country house in the summer which you could work at too.

Driver: Required, automatic car provided

Nursery is a 5-10 minute drive from home

Requirements: Two mother family, looking to replace their current nanny of 4 years who is retiring at the end of the year. They would like someone who is sporty, active, kind and fun. They are a high energy and sporty family. Both mums are Oxford educated and so education and an interest and strong help in homework and school life is also important to them. The little girl is very chatty and intelligent/learning and developing quickly. Their most important requirement is finding someone is serious about their career in mannying, someone reliable who can offer them stability, who is genuinely interested in growing with the family over the next few years.

Their son has nursery 9-3pm and will be starting school next September and so hours will be the same but most likely less workload, one of the parents would take him to school in the mornings. Their daughter will start nursery 9am-12 from September.

Transport: Great local transport links all a 5 minute walk away. Queens Park underground and overground and Brondesbury Station. They also have car parking available on their drive for anyway who might drive.

Start date: January 2019

Pay: £13/14 gross ph


2. Role Type: Part time, permanent

Location: NW11 (school pick up in Kensington)

Children: Twin Boys - 5 yrs

Days: Monday - Friday (occasional half days on a Sat or Sun)

School holidays: Manny required to travel with family during half terms and Easter holidays

Hours: 3pm-7pm

Driver: Not required, the families driver will take candidate on required journeys

Requirements: School pick up, take home, play time and homework. The boys love football and tennis. The attention should be stressed on general education and manners.

Start date: January 2019

Pay: Around £15 per hour


3. Role Type: Part time, permanent

Location: Notting Hill

Children: Boy - 5 yrs and Boy - 7yrs

Days: Monday - Thursday

Hours: 3:45/4:30 - 6/7pm

Requirements: The family have recently had a baby and need an extra pair of hands to help with school pick up (in Kensington), spend time with them after school, playing sports in the park, help with homework and after school activities. Cooking not required.

Start date: ASAP

Pay: Around £15 per hour

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New Role: Primrose Hill, 36 Hours PW 

Monday, October 01, 2018 6:31:37 PM
Location: Primrose Hill on King Henry’s Road
Children: Boy - 21 months
Days and hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. 9 hours a day.
There would be ad-hoc babysitting hours and potentially some overnights for work as she is a single parent.
School holidays: Hours will be consistent as child doesn't start nursery for another year. Travel can be negotiated, family generally travel to USA in the summer, mother is open to candidate travelling with them or taking their own holidays during this time.
Driver: Not necessary
Duties: Single mother. Current nanny has recently moved just outside of London and is finding the commute too difficult, so someone fairly local would be important. Mum is looking for someone warm, energetic and creative with a good work ethic. The job would entail taking him to activities, playing with him one one, taking care of keeping his things tidy, cooking his meals and running errands for things related to him.
Pay: £12 net per hour
Start date: End of October
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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 5:01:17 PM

Location: Chiswick, W4

Children: Boy - 8 yrs old

Hours: Monday to Thursday 8am – 7.30pm and Fri 8am – 5.30pm

Babysitting of up to 8 hours per week (overtime).

Mother attends events at least twice a week, on these nights when babysitting is required the manny will able to stay the night in the spare room IF they wish.

This is definitely a Mon-Fri role, it will be VERY rare you would be required to work on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday.

Must be able to drive, this is key as school is too far away to walk, they would use mum's car (Land Rover Sport – Automatic).

Duties will include:

- home help duties - e. g. Cooking child's food, ironing and the washing of his clothes. Must be a good cook, this is vital
- taking 8 year old son to and from school and to and from after school activities
- homework - encouraging and helping him and making it fun. Liaising with school and his teachers
- lots of sports: He loves football, bike riding, athletics, climbing, karate
- drama and music - he is a budding thespian (he does Lamda at school) and plays drums in a band
- arranging holiday activities and playdates – Must be very organised – this is vital
- there may be some proxy parenting, accompanying mum on work trips abroad with him, e.g. NY, Singapore, San Fran etc
- managing other workers at the house, e. g. cleaner and gardener

Also must be dog friendly as the family has a puppy, so there will be dog duties too.

Pay commensurate with experience. Full time, gross 5 day per week up to £30k - £35k.

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September Start Role, North London, 3 Boys 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 9:25:38 AM
Location: Radlett, North London (near Barnet /Watford-WD7 post code)
Boys: Boy 6, Boy 10 & Boy 12
Days: Monday - Friday
Hours during term time: 22.5 hours per week, 2:30-7pm
Hours during holidays: 52.5 hours per week, 8:30-7pm
Start date: Late Aug/early Sept. Current nanny is leaving on 20th August
Family info: They have had female nannies for 10 years and the children would really love to have a male nanny now. Eldest child is very sporty - loves athletics, cricket, rugby, RC cars. Middle child is very arty and creative and loves making films. The youngest child is a bit of a mixture of everything and loves to have fun.
Duties: School pick ups, after school clubs, arranging activities, homework help etc.
Driver required: Auto Ford Galaxy provided
Holidays: 5 weeks annual leave to be taken in school holidays only
Salary: Employed by family, 22-26K gross per year 
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Part Time Role, Sept start, Kensington 

Wednesday, July 04, 2018 2:06:04 PM

Location: Kensington

Kids: Boy - 5 yrs old

Permanent Role: September start. Monday - Friday. School pick up in Notting Hill (short bus ride or walk) at around 3:15 or 4:15/30 if school clubs until 6:30 in the evening. Mum would like 2 of the evenings to be later night babysitting if possible until around 10pm. 

Family: Single mother, father passed away 5 years ago. Would like a male buddy for her son, she has used male nannies before and he really enjoys hanging out with them. He loves football and outdoor activities, science experiments, music. Help with homework and light cooking if required. Someone who has common sense and happy to keep the house tidy after playing with him too, so mum doesn't have to tidy up after you both :)

Pay: £15 net per hour

Driver not required

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New Role - 25 Hours PW, Battersea, 2 boys  

Monday, June 11, 2018 11:22:39 AM

Role type: Part time, approx 25 hours per week

Location: Battersea, SW11

Children: Boy 6, Boy, 10, Boy 13

Days: Monday - Friday

Hours: 2:30pm - around 7:30pm. Approximately an extra 2 hours a day are available if interested in light house work/cleaning/tidying.

Additional hours: 7:30 am - 8:30/9am. Mum is understanding that the same person may not be able to do these morning hours and is happy to take on someone flexible just to help with morning hours, sometimes her husband can do it and she is around too.

School Holidays: Flexible. They generally spend most of the summer at their house in Sussex and so are happy for someone who might want join them or equally happy if someone doesn't want any summer work. Easter and half terms will be slightly different and they may need some help.

Driver: Helpful and they can insure on their car, but equally possible without.

Duties: Mum is at home but and the oldest child starts boarding school from September so the role is just for the younger two. The two younger children are at different schools, one in Sloane Square and one closer to home. Role will involve school pick up for one of them whilst mum does the other if she can, they are in quite academic schools and so help with homework after school is important. Both boys are really sporty, they have a backyard which they love playing football in, also love tennis and swimming etc. They also enjoy music practice etc.
Up until now, they have had a full time traditional Norland nanny, but now they are getting older and one boarding they feel they need a change and a male to get active with them who may be more on their wavelength.

Start date: September new school term - can be flexible for the right candidate if wanting hours prior to this.

Pay: Employed by family. Wage around £12-15 net per hour, depending on hours and candidate.  

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 11:42:07 AM


Location: West Dulwich, SE21. 10 minute walk from station

Children: Girl - 10 months old
                   Boy - 5 yrs old

Days: Monday - Friday

Times: 8am - 6/6:30pm (with some flexibility if needed)

Requirements: She has previously had female nannies and has recently had mothers care, but feels that her son in particular would benefit from having a male nanny and her daughter too. The children are both confident and active, her son loves football and swimming and playing outdoors as well as music and singing and is currently learning to play the recorder. They are an active, fun and happy family. A candidate with experience of younger children and infants would be great. Keen to socialise the kids. Manny would need to open to the mothers parenting choices, she has opted for a attached parenting method and so is looking for someone easy going and adaptable to this, but who could also help with the slow transition from this as she will be returning to work full time.

Pay: £9-10 net per hour, exact salary offer tbc depending on candidate

Start date: Dependant on candidate and family, sometime between now and September


Location: Hampstead NW3

Children: Boy-7, Boy-11 & Boy-14

Days and hours: 25 Hours per week. Monday - Friday. 3pm - 8pm with optional babysitting.
12 weeks holiday a year to be taken during school holidays

Requirements: Kind, calm and sporty manny to help with school runs & after school activities. All 3 boys love sports and middle child has a nut allergy and requires epipens.

Driver not required.

Pay: £15 net per hour, £375 npw.



Role Type: Part time, permanent

Location: London, W3

Children: Boy - 7.5 yrs (and a girl 10 yrs however role is for the son)

Days: Term time, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Family will be away during most school holidays.

Hours: 3:30pm - 7:30pm

Driver: Not required. School pick up is a 10 minute walk from the house.

Start date: Asap.

Family info: Italian family. Single mother, father lives in abroad. Son needs a positive male role model to be around as he is surrounded by women at home and at school. He loves any male who visits the family and just wants to hang out and play with them. Son was adopted at birth and has a few developmental problems which he struggles with. He has a sensory processing disorder and spent about 3 years in and out of Great Ormond St Hospital from 2 yrs of age when his nervous system collapsed from a virus. His disorder means that he struggles quite a lot with balance and therefore feels like he can't do much sport. He loves swimming as helps with balance and takes karate classes, but cannot ride a bike for example and mum feels he would benefit greatly from having a male to hang out with and help with his confidence in sports etc. He is incredibly creative and smart, loves drama, lego etc and she describes him as very funny and adorable. Mum is looking for someone who can be a consistent, fun and supportive big brother role in her sons life.

Pay: £15 per hour  

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