The Process

We strive to make your experience in finding a male nanny as simple as possible.

1. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, every family is unique and has different needs, so we ask that you be as clear as possible. Please let us know:

  • Your name, contact telephone number and email address.

  • The ages and sex of your children.

  • Your exact location.

  • The weekly days and hours that you need a manny to work.

  • Your required start date.

  • Are you looking to fill a temporary role or a permanent role (a permanent role is classed as a minimum of 12 months)? 

  • Do you require a driver?

  • Please give us a few words to sum up you and your family. It is our job to try and match a canadiate that fits your requirements and personality and so the more information, the better!

2. We will email you candidate CVs for your consideration. There are times when we may have a good handful of CVs and times where they may be limited. It all depends on your requirements, location and who is available at that time. Either way, we will let you know the outcome as soon as possible. Please be aware that some candidates may wish to apply for more than one role at a time. 

3. We will arrange interviews with your chosen candidates. Most parents like to conduct a friendly interview with candidates at their home with the children around, so that they can meet them in their working environment and observe how they engage with the children.

4. Following on from interviews, we can arrange a trial day for as many candidates as you wish. There are no agency fees, however you will be asked to pay the candidate directly for their time spent with you.

5. Hopefully by this point you will have a sound idea of whether you would like to offer a candidate a job with you and start dates can be arranged.



Permanent Placements

Manny Poppins placement fee for all permanent roles, be they part time or full time are 6 weeks of the candidates net weekly wage.

The hourly rate of the manny can vary depending on hours to be worked, the candidates experience and ultimately what you are happy to offer.

Once a start date has been arranged, a 25% non refundable deposit of the total fee will be invoiced and will be due upon the candidate starting work. This deposit covers a 4 week introductory period, where you and your manny can really get to know one another and decide whether you both feel it will be a successful placement.

If both parties are happy at the end of this period, then you will be invoiced for the remaining total fee. If either party feels that it is unsucessful then no further fees will be invoiced and we will make a start on trying to find you a new candidate.

Temporary Placements 

Monday - Friday: £20 per day

Saturdays&Sundays: £35 per day 

Over night stays and proxy parenting are to be confirmed upon placement.

The hourly rate of the manny can vary depending on hours to be worked, the candidates experience and ultimately what you are happy to offer.